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Today: December 16, 2018

Events for the week of January 10, 2010

01/10Nova Triple Crown Part 3SOKA
RSVP Required and to be posted soon.
Part 1 - 50 Swims at 1:30 Interval (Nov 15)
Part 2 - 75 Swims at 1:20 Interval (Dec 13)
Part 3 - 100 Swims on 1:15 Interval (Jan 10)

01/11Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

01/12Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

01/13Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

01/14Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

01/15Swim at JSerra9:00-10:00am

01/16Swim at SokaFreestyle Ironman Event

01/16Bike Ride following swim from SokaCanceled if raining

01/16Stagecoach Century (San Diego)